Lyman Sheet Metal Company, Inc. was established in Southampton, MA in 1894 specializing in blacksmithing then fabricating parts for coal and wood heating systems.  After oil heating systems was introduced, Lyman Sheet Metal became a sheet metal fabrication job shop for industries.  Today, utilizing the same building with many additions, the company produces custom-made parts from light sheet to heavy plate steel from individual runs to large runs.

Lyman Sheet Metal Company, Inc.
281 College Highway
Southampton, Massachusetts 01073
413-527-0848 Phone
413-529-9221 Fax


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D.I. Filtration System - Designed and Built by Lyman Sheet Metal

Stainless Hoppers

Stainless Counters

Bending Stainless Steel Wall Curbs

Glycol Chambered Tank


New Tank and Chiller

Support Stand

Wash Tanks

Paint Dipping Tank

Cooling Fans

Stainless Exhaust Nozzles

Parts Washer

1/4" Reducing Elbow

Parts Washer

Machining Parts

Machined Parts

Machined Parts Assembled

Stainless Bollards

Custom Stainless Dampers

Custom Machine Guards


TIG Welding a Stainless Steel Tank

Computerized Punching

Stainless Steel Dipping Tanks

Specialized Order - Galvanized Hood

Exhaust Blower for Lyman's Piping

Stainless Steel Wash Tank with Perforated Screen

Copper Cooling Coil

Intake and Exhaust Ductwork for Compressor

Stainless Steel Golf 
Ball Hoppers